sweetssss… YUUUUMMMMYYYY!!!

Jnana's Red Barn

Neo-Luddite that I am, I get dragged by steps into the brave new world of the Internet, including this blogging stuff (which, by the way, I’m thoroughly enjoying, largely because of WordPress’ no-nonsense basics:  the Red Barn went essentially right out of the box and into action).

One of those ‘Net steps is the practice of nominating bloggers for awards, which I usually shy away from. For one thing, the notion of being the Best of Whatever and then having a gazillion others also show up as the best in that category runs counter to my idea of best. And that’s even before we get to my Quaker dimension of humility. Such as it is. (I know, my favorite elder daughter has about a thousand and one favorite movies and novels and so on, but I am, to some extent, an Aristotelian who permits only one superlative in any given…

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